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March 09, 2007



Oh, that's going to be fabulous! I hope you post pics while it's WIP as well as when it's completed! :D


I will! I meant to take pictures of all the yarn last night, but I was too impatient to start swatching so I did that instead. It felt like a first date :)


Great. Are you going to tango with a tree when it's done, like the picture shows? 'Cause I want to be there for that...


I'm a little less "Dances with Trees" and a little more "Wallows on Couch".


Oh, that's going to be nice!

I've lost everything from my old hard drive, hopefully temporarily, however I am unable to email you or Sez right now. I won't be there this weekend due to a never-ending series of fiscal, administrative and technological messes that have been raining down on my pointy noggin.

The Rabbitch shall rise again, and more than likely right quick (you've met me, you know now long I stay down) and when I do I shall be driving there to see said cardigan.

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