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March 19, 2007



Dude, rock ON! I was very bummed that my car once again decided to crap out the day of the Dulaan knit in. Again. I'm getting paranoid about this. I really wish I could've been there, as I too have a Matchless (single treadle though) and could use some tips on setup. I haven't actually spun on it yet - it's sitting in the room, getting dusty and looking sad. :/ I'm glad to hear about the Artful Ewe and hope to someday make it over there. Sounds like you got an excellent haul! I have envy! :D


Oh, that's right! I had completely forgotten how, when we'all were getting to know each other, completely coincidentally, you'd do something and then we'd do the exact same thing, or vice versa. Apparently the tradition continues. So glad you're enjoying your new wheel! It's beautiful!


I badly need one of those wheels. And I'll admit quite freely that I'm trying to copy you and TMK.

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