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February 20, 2007



Wow, it's looking fabu!!! Good job :)

BLING (Leslie)

You forgot the part about bruised shins and knees that hurt so much they would be weeping blood in a fair universe. Of course in the universer we're stuck with, there's not a mark, not a scratch, not even a bruise - only mind numbingly painful knee/shin.



I'm so flattered you did all of this for me. *g*

My life is sucking and I'm thinking of running away from home. I'll bring my own futon to sleep on (and shelving, if need be).

I'm sorry it was such a difficult experience. It looks fantastic.



First of all I am in awe that you put up drywall, completely in awe. Secondly, hats off to Bling for listening so well and on selling the comic book collection, hubby's is still in the garage (with mine). Thirdly, the room look great, I'm sure your guests will appreciate the effort.

Hope to see you and Bling soon.


LADIES! IT LOOKS GREAT! I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU! I would have been happy to lend a hand, moral support and I would have loaned you the knee pads I had from tiling my bathroom. Next time! Oh and I don't want to hear the I'm too.... comment again! Love ya both!

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