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February 01, 2007



Hmmmm...good question...what to knit next that is fun and challenging AND will ultimately find a home with someone...I was in that same quandry myself not too long ago. I was bored of everything on my needles.

The funny thing? I ended up doing the Backyard Leaves scarf...and now I seem to be thrilled with all of my knitting again...not sure if it's because of the specific project but what the hell? ;)


Fantastic picture, and I hope the pics of the lovely items you're making (and describing) will bring my knitting mojo back.


Hey, look, there you are!! :) So nice to see you.

I've made that hedgehog, and it was fun. Kind of confusing - you have to just follow the directions and trust for a lot of it, lots of strange short row happenings - but it turned out really cute. I also made Nautie from Knitty, but small, in sock yarn, and that was fun. Warshrags are fun, and so fast. I have the squirrel pattern but I'm going to wait a while for that challenge.

I tried to knit Noah a sweater but put it off too long and he's grown and the weather will be too warm soon - plus it was a gansey and I made the patterned part too big and the armholes thus ended up too big and it would have looked like dolman sleeves, which is not a good look for anyone, let alone a 12-year-old boy.

I went to Madrona for 2 hours on Friday, and fell into the Socks that Rock booth and almost drowned. I'm making some socks, but it was surprisingly hard to find a good pattern for their yarn - I settled on Garter Rib.

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