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June 02, 2006



You're welcome! But you know you are going to have to explain that "Goat Farter" thing... That's not a typo?!?


Pretty pathetic how I beg for comments, isn't it?
Off and on for a few years I would house sit for friends who lived out in the tuley-weeds (OK, Redmond - but the really grassy/shrubby part). They had giant dogs and little goats. Every morning and evening I would go out and grab the goats by their collars (one at a time), feel around their bellies to see if everything was balanced, and if it wasn't balanced (sometimes a goat's belly will bloat and stick waaaay out one side) I'd straddle that little bleater and rock and rub it's belly until it farted and went back to a normal shape. The boy goat needed this done nearly every day, the girl goat was easier. The dogs farted just fine without me.


As dogs will do (fart just fine without our help)


Heh, indeed.

I LOVE Dogma.

And, really, nobody could be a goat farter full-time.

Where are you finding Trekking? I mail-ordered some and it's back-ordered . . .

A custom meme? Oui oui, merci!


Patti - your meme is in the comments of your most recent post!


Trekking - I have found it at Weaving Works and at Village Yarn and Tea. Neither usually has more than a few skeins at any time, but I've gotten lucky with the colorways.

Christina in Washington

Wild Fibers in Mt. Vernon also carries a small assortment of Trekking. So does Hellen's Needlepoint, also in Mt. Vernon. Different colors though.

Not that I've been scoping out sock yarn suppliers or anything...


I don't want a meme, but I certainly would like to be a goat-farter.


I would do a meme if you made one for me. But only if I have time between the 8000 meetings and some spa day I'm having with the old fart admins here.


So where's my meme?


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