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Best Choice Home Improvement Review

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May 23, 2006



Fingers and toes crossed for things to go well for you, and the increased appreciation to be substantial.


Ooooooh, good luck!!! :D


Terrific news about your review! Of course, you deserve all the hurrahs in the world anyway. . .
Thanks for your nice words about Hannah and me. You have to realize, though, that I wouldn't post a picture that made either of us look bad. I may not look the way you think I do. ;)

Cuzzin Ryan

You have no idea how much willpower it has taken me not to nag you to update, but now that I know I can remind you to post from home, well...

The hat looks great, and congrats on how well things are going at work!!!


Obviously I should've taken the "Cuzzin" out of my signature. Three guesses where the last place was where I left a comment!


Ryan, you are family to me. Only family would nag. :)


the hat is adorable! did you make up the pattern or where did you get it? Fair Isle Hat knitting looks really appealing to me. And congrats on the review and the hope for future increased appreciation!


I love the hat. Cool! And that's fab news about the good review.

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