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May 09, 2006



That would be "skosh," I believe.

Our worst vet story was when we took our ailing old kitty, Courtenay, to a late-night emergency vet and the vet, who was equally A Tool, if one can call a woman that, stood as far away from the cat as she possibly could, crammed up against a wall, even, with her arms crossed. I mean, fer Cripe's sake, why become a vet if you think animals are too icky to touch or even stand near? (The next day we went to our regular vet who gave us IV's to administer to the kitty at home, but he passed away soon after anyway.)

Which is the long-winded way of saying, you need to find a vet that is as good with people as he/she is with the pets. They're out there. We've had a couple. And we've had a couple that SO were not.


the hat is adorable. Is the mistake where the flowers are too big; ie you added too much pink?

as for the vet issue, your experiences sound grim. I don't have anyone to recommend, but I'd be hopeful that there's a better vet practice out there, good to the pets and the owners.


It doesn't sound much like she has a "moderate" gear. I wish you were here --- our vets are absolutely spectacular.

Oh, and your mistake? Puh-leez. . . Those of us who can't knit with more than one color are astounded that you haven't hog-tied yourself yet with all those skeins and needles!


I concur with "skosh".

At our old vet's practice, we loved the owner - she was great on all fronts. But she hired horrible people, judgmental and incompetant, and kind of bullies - she was so sweet, I think on some level she picked people she perceived as strong. Anyway, once she retired, we had to change, and we were lucky enough to land at NE Vets, and haven't had a bad experience yet, knock wood.

Beautiful hat! That's a lot of colors!


Skosh looks right to me too, I just could not figure it out yesterday. I will look into the NE vet clinic, thanks for the suggestion.

Yes the mistake was increasing the pattern, leaves from 3 stitches wide to 4, flower from 5 to 7. It looks much nicer in the smaller size. More pictures to come!


I know it is a long way away, but I have a vet in Woo-ville that I dearly love. She is great with animals because she is an animal lover herself. Lemme know if you want the info.


the swatch looks good with increases, but I can imagine that it would be the wrong proportions for a hat.

when I first saw your pic of the pattern, I was imagining it used a variegated green, not three different shades. I really like it with the three greens.

Linda K

Dearest E and B - there is a fab vet down the road from you (and me) that tons of knitters and spinners all over Seattle go to. The place is called North Seattle Veterinary (they have a small website) and the vet in question is Dr. Adawna Windom. I changed all beasties over to her about 3 years ago and have never looked back. She's fab with any animal and any person she comes across. Her staff is also wonderful and they do short term boarding if you have to let your beastie stay overnight. I can't say enough good about her and there are lots of fiber people who would tell you the same if you want to make the rounds of recommendations. Know where Pet Pros is on Lake City Way heading West? She's next door. Talk about peace of mind!!!! Plus she volunteers and is affiliated with the newer emergency pet hospital around 125th and Lake City Way.

Linda "K"

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