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March 27, 2006



Beautimous! I'm going to cast on another pair myself this week. Now that I've got the hang of this, there's no stopping me!!


Beautiful socks, I really like the pattern!


Those -are- cute! They almost look scaly (in a good way!)


Ooo, pretty. You're totally right about the brick bricks. How did I not know about the trunk show at Village Yarn and Tea? Aargh! Is it still going on? I could probably squeeze in a trip tomorrow...


Thank you for all the compliments! I think the trunk show is still there. I asked how long it was there for, but they didn't know at that moment. It is worth a special trip.


The socks are looking totally fabu! Lucky BLING! :)

Dipsy D.

Wow, they look fabulous! I can't blame you one bit for having worn the Circus Striped socks constantly - gosh, I feel a strong urge now to cast on for a pair of bright socks too! :)

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