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March 10, 2006



Ladieeeeeeees and Gentlemen, I'd like to direct your attention to the center ring! It's a circular ring, and there's a SOCK on it.


I'd join if I could knit. :)

Good Luck to all!


Dang you're cute.

Linda "K"

Hiyer - what about a book prize from me? Eh?

El Kay


That would be great Linda! Thank you :)

Mrs. R.

Hi, I'd like to join the KAL please. I've knit some socks on 2 circs using Cat's fab book to learn, but have been chicken to try 2 at once. This KAL is just the ticket!
Mrs. R.
Nova Scotia, Canada
(sorry, no active blog right now)


Waiting to pick up Daughter this afternoon, I actually, successfully cast on! I might be able to do this!!


I got my needles today! I'm scared!


I'll be watching along... it sounds like such fun. I don't think knitting socks on circular needles should be my first ever knitting project (except for that one scarf I made 33 years ago)... knit along!


It's a row marker, not a counter. Unless you're counting to two. In which case two row markers would work *g*

I'm waiting for Folk Socks to arrive. Just won it on eBay. I'll try the ol' magic loopything for the first time on one of those patterns. Can't think of a good reason why not.

Thanks for doing this!


I'd love to join in the circ KAL!


Hi! I'd like to join the KAL. I'm knitting Fair Isle socks on one big circ. I've knit on one circ before, but the first Fair Isle socks I tried was a disaster. Hopefully these will be better!


Can I join? I'll be knitting my Sockapaloooza socks on two circs (cuff down, one at at time) in my own design.

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