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February 23, 2006



Hey, if you and LindaK are getting together to pick and card and prep, keep us in mind, 'kay? TMK has a buttload of fiber and roving that she doesn't know what to do with. And *I* sure as heck don't know what to do with it!


Well Ryan, I was kinda inviting myself to your place for said carding extravaganza.

The Mysterious K

It's dry! It's dry! It's got a few "boa constrictor eating a bunny" bumps in it. But overall I'm pretty pleased. We'll see how it knits up. (Why do I feel another tofu pie in my future??) TMK

Linda "K"

Dollinks! I always planned for the 5 'o us to be in on this, so whenever the weather cooperates or the garage has enough space or whaddever I'm ready with carder. It's not a fine tooth carder, it's for medium weight wool but I've found you can blend fine and medium together on it. I have some un-anything-but-skirted alpaca too in a dark brown that I've been waiting to try on it. It's easy to clean fibers off the carder between batches too. Elaine, you don't have to wait 'til then to take delivery of the Pure Air though - I can always drop it off....heh....

El Kay

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