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January 02, 2006


Ryan & TMK

Need TMK and I say your post made our day?

Happy New Year to you and Ms. Bling, and we're going to hold you to your promise to have high tea with us at Village Yarns and Tea!


Lovely to "meet" you, likewise.

I believe you're just a little south of here. If you're not a-feared of us Northeners (many of us even have cars instead of sled dogs) then perhaps when I make my next trek to the Deep South (Gig Harbour) there could be a side trip for tea and socks? SOCKS. I don't proposition women I've never met and who are married anyhow. *g*


Village Yarn and Tea some Saturday sounds lovely! I'm glad you found my blog, have been having fun checking in on yours too. :)

Happy New Year!!!

Lisa in Oregonl

I've greatly enjoyed the friendships I've made via the knit blog community. I may not comment every post, but I check every day...uh, who am I kidding? I check compulsively several times a day....

at any rate...I greatly enjoy your blog Ms Elaine, your knitting, your humor. The fact that you and Bling are a couple is an added pleasing feature, but I'd read you anyway.
:) Lisa in Oregon


I'm so glad you liked what I sent. It was fun to spoil you! Happy New Year!


AWWWWWW!!! Miss Elaine, I'm bawlin' over here! You are too adorable. I'm going to go sniffle in the corner.

Want to hit Village Y&T sometime soon? I got a GC for Krissmuss. :)

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