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January 04, 2006



Weaving Works??? Well, gosh that's one of the stores that I go to. Often. They know me by sight, and some even by name. I guess I haven't been looking closely enough. Last time I went I picked up the Mountain colors, hadn't noticed that before. All I can say is that it's a pretty big place. :)

And, only grab one if I can pay you back. I tend to like dark, jewel tones. Dark purples, greens and blues. Also burgundy has played a big role lately too, but I think that's mostly due to HP-itis. ;)

Isn't Cast-On the best??? I'm excited that she plans to do weekly podcasts now. And I've listened to all 6 HP's on the IPod. We listen to the books in the car when we have to go more than five minutes with the boys. :)

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