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January 10, 2006


Lisa in Oregon

Mud season...I like that moniker. Rain is unusual here...and we have had buckets of it this winter. You've reminded me that I really want to try audio books...

I've looked at the fishtail scarf more than once...so that one gets my vote. :) I think your silk is lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing it knit up.


Drat. I can't get the second pattern link to open but, either way, the new yarn is beautiful--although the pottery head behind it seems to find it particularly hysterical. You sure have taken to this spinning stuff, girl! You go!


Make the rain stop. I'm trying to knit an ark.

Secret Pal

Hello there.... just stopping by to check you out and make some notes!


i love cast-on and knit cast, have you tried crafty pod or crafty chica? not so much on the knitting side, but very entertaining and creative none the less!

i like the fish tail as well. very pretty.


That is beautiful yarn! And being only a few miles north of you, I'm in the middle of mud season myself ...

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