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January 17, 2006


Christina in Washington

Ratchet and Clank: Deadlocked is my new favorite game for the PS2. My husband has all of the series, but this one's different. You can actually have two people play together. At the same time. Cooperatively. We've spent a couple of nights together with it since I got it for hime for Christmas. Whacking things with a giant wrench is such fun.


It was the first Ratchet and Clank that I bought. I'm sure I will eventually own them all, but I have this weird thing about starting a series at the beginning....(yes...I have...in fact...at one time or another in my life....owned and played....ALL of the Mario Brothers line. Power up mushrooms? Now THOSE game developers are smokin some drugs)

I have noticed that I might have to find some TWO PLAYER games for my sweeties new habit (if I ever want to see the PS2 again that is)

PPG: HEY! I own half that spinning wheel! (yes yes I know...and you own half "My" PS2) *grins abound*


What's mine is mine and what's yours is ours. I'm sure that was in the vows somewhere near the obey bit. smootches!


TMK and I have already figured out that, now that we have you BOTH hooked on the PS2, pretty soon the spinning wheel will start gathering dust and we'll be able to scam it from you for an obscenely low price. Our evil plan is working.


I will deftly avoid the domestic squabble and simply say that grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup sound marvelous. Very cold weatherish. (I take my tomato soup with a large dollop of sour cream. You?)


Mmmm...tomato soup and grilled cheese! My absolute favorite comfort food! We make ours on our little George Foreman Grill (the sandwhiches, that is, not the soup!)

What color Chibi did you get? I admit, I ended up buying a second one, a semi-clear blue one. After all, have to have one for home and for on the road! ;)

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