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December 14, 2005


Lisa in Oregonl

I enjoyed seeing your knitting spot! From surfing around, I see I NEED a recliner....would you believe I do most of my knitting....at the kitchen table? it just works for me I guess. The quilt is awesome...what a gift!


Oh, we all need our little cuddly spaces, don't we? And has there ever been a better name for a cat than Paxil? I don't think so!!!


What a beautiful quilt! Nice space for knitting too, seems that your animals are like mine, flock to the human folk are, it's more cozy! ;)


I love my knitting area (BLING would prefer I call it the living room). About 4 months ago we decided to swap the living room and dining room, placing our living room area on the back of the house where we can see the back yard and have more privacy. It's a little strange that you walk into our house through the dining room/office and see the living room perched just off the kitchen - but it works for us. I am especially liking it in this cold winter, we have single pane windows and the actual living room is much draftier than our cozy new living room.

Linda "K"

Hey Elaine and Bling! Greetings from India! I'm jealous of cold weather and snow! Have you gotten my email question about incense? No worries if you've been too Xmassy busy to reply. I'll be here for at least another month. Xmas at your house sounds like fun!

Ciao for now!

Linda "K"

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