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December 28, 2005


Linda "K"

"....needed to make bail?" Bling you are too funny! Late apologies to you Elaine - when I saw the wheel you got on the first post about it I assumed you were sorta new to spinning and was trying to say encouraging words. You're obviously NOT - so, embarrassment city!

I'm dying to make those Jaywalker socks - being the Queen of jaywalking in most cities I've ever lived in but I have two problems. a) No more sock wool with me - used up my Koigu making fingerless mitts for us both for the Scotland portion of the trip, and b) jaywalking here is an oxymoron - the very concept makes me look like a total wimp. Street runner or street glider might be more accurate. Somehow you have to insert yourself in traffic, and while making sure to be seen by those that would run you over (everyone) -sylph your way through everything and arrive alive on the other side.

Sorry about your kneck! Do you ever use quills when spinning on a handspindle I've been meaning to ask?

Ciao for now,
Linda "K"

Lisa in Oregonl

I wanna do Jaywalker socks...and the likelihood of my making it through a pair is about -10. I'll enjoy yours vicariously.

The bail crack is hysterical.... :)


Linda you big flatterer! I spun my very first single six weeks ago today. I haven't tried a drop spindle - maybe I'm waiting for you to return so I can get a lesson? The reason I thought I might be getting fiber for christmas is spinning has been my only topic of conversation for the last month!

Lisa - they are great, and super easy. They look big on the needles because the pattern holds them out (did that make sense), I tried them on and they fit wonderfully so I'm feeling confident about them fitting their intended wearer.


Of course, we are still here!

Hope your neck is feeling much, much better, Ms. Elaine!

Happy New Year to the two of you!!

(Wow. How many exclamations marks can I use in one short comment?)


Still here and glad you're back...Ok, ok, you (and a whole bunch of others) have talked me into trying the Jaywalker socks...I even have a couple of skeins of LL in the rainbow colorway...maybe these socks would be the right pattern?

Where did you find the Trekking yarn? Did you order it online or find it in a nice lys...I haven't been searching overly hard, but haven't noticed it around myself

(ok, beat your too many exclamation points with far too many ellipsis)

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