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November 27, 2005



Wow, those are some wonderful hanks (and ball) of yarn you spun! I can't believe they are among your first - I think you really do have a knack for this. The dying was great too, the colors are so pretty. Thanks for the link to the Swatch Bunny pattern. I had never seen it before, but it's so cute and will make a great little addition to tuck in with hand-knit baby gifts. Can't wait to try it.


Thanks Karen! I love the bunny, it's a great way to make something out of a swatch. I like the way my center-pull ball turned out - I call it the Faberge Egg.


HOLY SMOKES WOMAN!! You have been one busy little bee this weekend!


This was the best Thanksgiving of my life. There was no strife, no bickering, no pressure. BLING and I played for four days, each with our own obsession but sharing the same space. We had turkey and trailer-park potatoes, there was wine, there were ice cream bars. Dogs are good, friends are good, I am one lucky PPG.

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