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November 23, 2005






And now to get yourself ten fleeces. Really, it's good for you.


Rabbitch, I love you.

I proudly bought 3 ounces of corriedale so I could spin all (4 day) weekend long. Bah - I'll be at the shop's door when they open at 10 on Friday. Can you card spun wool so you can spin it again?

Not that what I made looks like yarn, no - more like dread locks with teeny kinks and great big patches that break and suck quickly in to the bobbin, hiding their ends like leprechaun gold.

Yes, it's 5:30 in the morning and I'm up and looking at spinning info on line, whatofit?


I don't think you can re-card wool. I wouldn't recommend it anyhow. I'm thinking it'd get all bitchy at you and stuff.

Go get a fleece. You know you want one.

Either that or Weaving Works had a TON of nice stuff when I was there in August. I was broke and had to restrain myself but I'm thinking there was a bucket of Merino there and some silk that was to die for ... bet they have more, by now.


Ooo la la! It's so cool looking! I've run through a number of wheels since I started spinning, but a Louet hasn't been one of them. So cool. I look forward to continuing to read through your archives about ze spinning adventures!

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