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November 24, 2005



Welcome to the spinnyside. Your yarn is lovely. Wool is far less dainty than we would like. The stuff I'm spinning, you have to almost TEAR it to make it anything less than bulky.

You grab the wool, you pull it until you feel the fibres slip, then you pull it until it almost falls apart. This is called drafting. Then you spin like fuck until you almost fall over.



Happy Thanksgiving :) And congrats on your first wool! That wheel looks like far too much fun.

Me, I've got a house full of boys and all I need is a nap. *sigh*

Linda "K"

Welcome to bliss via spinning (on the wheel). Congratz, congratz - it's SO wonderful you're doing this. You'll never never regret it, even if there are periods where you don't spin! Your first yarn looks great! Most people have something resembling heavy mooring line after their first time. There is a WORLD of stuff to learn. 's like knitting, a neverending craft. Might I suggest if there is any room in any of Judith Mackenzie McCuin's classes at the Madrona Fiber Arts retreat (now in Tacoma) that you think about signing up? She's my guru for learning about spinning in a stress-free zone.

O happy day!

Linda "K"


Congrats! I bought my Louet S10 from Kate, knitblogger 'A Case of Fiber Fever' when she was dreaming of a new Kromski Minstrel and pondering selling her Louet. I jumped on it before she even offered it. She was so incredibly kind and helpful. September 19th I became a spinner. And until early November, I had never seen another person spin. Like you, I taught myself. I am totally hooked, having to force myself to knit! (Unbelieveable!)

Your spinning looks amazing, right from the start. I think you are probably a natural...seems like you've already got a great grasp of drafting, and your yarn is getting more evenly spun every time you sit down at the wheel. And dyeing too?! Looks like you're hooked!

I arrived at your blog through Kim...I was her sock knitter for the SET exchange. She's terrific, you're right.

I like your blog...gotcha Bloglined. I'll be back!


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